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Waterloo Village : Stanhope, NJ

As the weather starts to turn to the fresh crispness of Fall I find myself outdoors more and more. It’s a comfort to get outside and breathe in the clean air and take long walks. I kept hearing the name of this Waterloo Village and all I kept imagining was a big watering hole in the middle of a town. Little did I know the rich history that surrounded it along with the beautiful surroundings that make up the property.

During our visit Erik packed a nice little picnic for the two of us and we basically had the place to ourselves. During the 2+ hours we spent there we only ran into five other families. That’s pretty impressive if I may say so.

I left Waterloo that day with a determination that I will photograph a beautiful wedding with a lovely couple at this very location. And with that determination I will make it happen.






Waterloo Village : Stanhope, NJ

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