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Fall Time Couples Session in Millersville, Pennsylvania

This engagement session had me squealing like a little piglet the entire time because these two are just SO.DARN.CUTE!

I first met Amber over four years ago (wow, how time flies!) as a regular Zumba student during the classes I taught while a student myself Millersville University. It was an extremely rare case that Amber ever missed a class and I could always count on her being in the first row to my right. 

As long as I can remember she has been dating Billy and I only ever heard good things about him. Plus their relationship on Facebook was just too cute to be able to ignore. Their relationship was one you could always look to as an example of respect and love. Christ is centered in the heart of what they do and they look to him for guidance and it is awe-inspiring to see how HE has brought them together, blessed their careers, encouraged them as people, and now in this journey of starting their life .

Billy now works for Millersville University and so it was only fitting, plus the fact that the three of us (four if you count my husband who played bag boy during the session) are alumni of Millersville, that we came back to our old stomping grounds for some engagement photos! The campus is undergoing a huge face lift and is looking pretty as ever but we spent most of our time over at the pond, one of the most iconic locations of Millersville’s campus. After we strolled around the north side of the University we hopped into my car and made a pit stop at the Football Stadium because they are both huge sports fans and then we headed to take in some of the open landscapes, woods, and greenery of Lancaster, PA. The sunset was ah-mazing that night and the weather was just perfect for a night out.

Billy + Amber, thank you so much for letting me capture your love and the start of your journey as a married couple! Marriage is the best adventure life can offer you and I know the two of you will have a beautiful covenant marriage with many happy years to come!






Fall Time Couples Session in Millersville, Pennsylvania

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