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John + Emily : Cecil Creek Farms, Mickelton NJ

Emily + John had a small intimate ceremony in Florida on October 13th. The ceremony was attended by immediate family and kept personal. In order to allow extended family and friends to celebrate in their nuptials Emily’s parents graciously planned a celebration to introduce the new Mr. & Mrs.

I was introduced to the family just a few days prior to their celebration but now I can’t imagine not being able to photograph their beautiful day. Everybody arrived relaxed and happy. Emily and John walked around their venue taking it all in and trying to accommodate US. They were really the sweetest but I reminded them that today was still THEIR day and not to worry.

I grabbed pictures of Emily’s details along with her dress and then it was time to get ready. Emily’s Mom was so doteful and helped her into her dress while her Dad checked in with each person he came across and handed out timelines for the day. It was adorable to see how prepared he was for his little girl.  I got the opportunity to speak with Emily’s father, Mr. Fields, for a few moments alone and it was apparent that Emily was truly the apple of his eye and a great joy to his and Mrs. Field’s life.

Emily and John were then whisked away in “the gator” to the barn where the celebration was being held. The tables were set family style and adorned with greens, candles, rustic accents, and apples. Everyone inside was gathered and ready to set their eyes on the lovely couple. Once the introductions took place Emily and John glided right into their first dance, a slow waltz set to the theme music of Cinderella. John had surprised Emily with dancing lessons the Christmas prior and they were very excited to be able to put what they’ve learned to good use.

The rest of the evening moved along without any hiccups. Cocktail hour, dinner, and dessert was served in a farm to table style and everything was incredibly fresh tasting and delicious. When the sun set low enough I whisked Emily and John away for some portraits with just the two of them. Emily warned me they would be a little awkward but there was NOTHING awkward about the two of them. They’re downright gorgeous!

During our time alone together we got to know each other a little more and I got hear a little more about how they grew up, how they met, their first date, as well as the proposal. I learned that their first date listed NINE hours! That must be a record or something. 

As the evening got darker the fire pit was lit and guests able to enjoy smores by the fire and cozy up next to the warm flames as the air began to turn a little crisp. The night wrapped up with everyone giving hugs and I made my way out to my car with a full heart and a smile on my face.

Emily + John, thank you so much for including me in such a special occasion. I wish you many years of happiness and don’t forget…


So this is love. So this is what makes life divine.


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John + Emily : Cecil Creek Farms, Mickelton NJ

  1. Everything about this is so perfect! love the details, decor and the amazingly beautiful couple! Fantastic job for a special and intimate occasion!!!

  2. Olivia Christina says:

    I love how moody and muted the colors are! It’s so beautiful and I think it matches the couple’s style really well! Beautiful job!

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