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Rising Tide Society: Tuesday Together Styled Shoot

When I first moved to NJ it wasn’t easy. To be honest, it was down right hard. I left my family, my friends, and everything familiar to me. I was thrust into a new home, a new city, a new job, and I felt like the biggest fish out of water coming from a small town, farm living, horse stall mucking background.

And then I found my local Tuesday Together group and while I was excited about the chance to grow and learn I was also extremely terrified. I had to walk into these meetings alone without knowing a single soul. My introverted, quiet, would-rather-stay-home-and-read-a-book self was incredibly intimidated. Could I fit in? Would they like me? Will I make any new friends? Do I even belong at these meetings? 

Each month’s topic varies from workflow productivity, blogging and SEO, marketing, booking clients, and so much more. Each month I showed up with a notebook and a pencil box (yes, I still use one of those) and listen in, write down, and participate in the discussions at hand. As each monthly meeting passed I became more confident, more equipped, and more a part of something. At the end of every meeting I walked away with this wealth of information that I could implement immediately or when I was ready. But what’s more important than the information I learned are these women. They are strong, compassionate, driven, smart, savvy, and o so fashionable! They are more than just business owners, they are wives, mothers, daughters, and good people. I have come to learn more than just business tips from them but also ingenuity, creativity, and passion.  

These individuals are what makes these meetings and because of them I now walk into these meetings with a confidence I didn’t have 10 months ago. My business is at a place I could only dream of 10 months ago. I have added so much knowledge to my brain bank that I didn’t know anything about 10 months ago. I can talk to clients with confidence, I can run my business in a way I can be proud of, and I can hustle like the #ladyboss I’m meant to be.

I feel like I found a home away from home with this group, this community, this tribe. They have brought something to my season in New Jersey that I never thought I’d find. I am o so thankful for it and for them. 

Do you know the saying, “word hard, play harder”. Our group has that down pat. For one of our meetings this past fall we decided to take it to a cidery, set up a little shoot, and then get down to business. It was a brisk fall afternoon in Warwick, New York and the drive to the cidery was nothing less than beautiful. We all pitched in for the tablescapes and did a little headshot swap while we were at it. In the midst of clicking our shutter buttons we snacked on delicious home baked cookies that one of our group members made and tested the variety of cider that Pennings Farm Cidery has to offer (all of which are delicious by the way). Once the light started to diminish we moved ourselves down to their restaurant where we enjoyed dinner together and continued the evenings discussion. I would also be lying if I said none of us walked away with some sort of baked good, apple cider, or some sort of deliciousness made by the people at Pennings.

Below are some images from that perfectly fall day for you to enjoy 🙂





Rising Tide Society: Tuesday Together Styled Shoot

  1. Love it! So glad to have met you as a part of Tuesdays Together!! <3

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