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Rising Tide Society: Tuesday Together

I have to start off by giving a great big Thank You! to Jennifer from style concierge by jennifer for graciously opening her beautiful home to all of us! It’s so much fun to have our meetings at member’s homes because it just adds a comfort and warm fuzzy feeling to our meetings. 

During the season of giving it is only fitting that RTS’s November’s topic is philanthropy. Philanthropy is defined as the desire to promote the welfare of others and I would, without a doubt, say that RTS as a whole succeeded in fulfilling its meaning. A lot of times philanthropy is viewed as a monetary donation but it can also be fulfilled through physical acts of community service where relationships can be fostered and people connect on a one-on-one level. Our group decided to fulfill our community by saying Thank You to a very special group of people.

For this year we decided to write letters to our brave men and women. Our letters could be addressed to active duty military, retired military, individuals who just graduated from boot camp, or our first responders. In our letters we relayed our gratitude and appreciation for what they do, what the latest news is here at home, our 

After we each wrote our respective letters we turned them in to our Co-leader, Cinnamon, who is a military wife herself, so they could be shipped off to bring well wishes and greetings!

For a group full of photographers we seemingly have NO photographs of our meetings or when we get together so we are trying to designate one person each meeting to this task. I was the kick-off photographer and below are some photos from our evening 🙂

PSA: I totally had more pictures of the dog than anything else but I narrowed it down for this…oops!






Rising Tide Society: Tuesday Together

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