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Windy and Wintery Couples Session at Chickies Rock County Park in Columbia, Pennsylvania

I have been dreaming of blustery and windy shoot and it finally came to life thanks to Katie and Jeremy! We didn’t plan for it to happen this way but the week dealt us 20 to 40 miles per hour winds so we rolled with it.

Katie and Jeremy first met at Millersville University where the were both signed up for a semester class which they both respectively dropped out of after only a few weeks. Even though they didn’t know much, or anything at all really, about one another Jeremy decided to show up at Katie’s door and introduce himself. From there they spent the rest of their college years supporting one another, growing, and loving each other.

Fast forward a couple years later and Jeremy recreated the scenario of when he first came to her door but when Katie answered the door she found Jeremy on one knee ready to ask her the question of a lifetime. Through a waterfall of tears Katie was able to get out a yes in some way or another and now the two are anxiously awaiting until their wedding day and the start of their Forever!

Katie and Jeremy, thank you for spending a windy but incredibly heart warming afternoon with me. You were such troopers!






Windy and Wintery Couples Session at Chickies Rock County Park in Columbia, Pennsylvania

  1. OliviaChristinaPhotography says:

    Love them! You did a great job capturing their happiness! Especially love the last few images in their home!

    • Christina Sheehan says:

      That was actually my home! 🙂 I invited them inside because I always wanted to experiment with that room at sunset and thankfully it worked out!

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