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Jenna Aliyah : Product Photography

I love meeting other Creatives. I love getting to know them and their processes and learn about why they love what they do. By happen chance I found myself falling into Brand & Product Photography and when I saw a post in my local Tuesday Together’s group about another member looking for some photos of her products and I thought, “How cool, I want to do that!” and so I reached out to Jenna Aliyah and we started chatting about what she does and what exactly she was looking for. Jenna makes handmade bags, wallets, and purses from eco-friendly and vegan friendly materials. She hand carves out rubber stamps with her designs on them and then transfers the print to the fabric. They are beautiful! I now have two of her bags and since the day I got them they haven’t left my side. Seriously. To the bring the shoot really to life and give Jenna exactly what she imagined we also worked with Ronya from Ronya & Co. to help make Jenna’s Creative Design come to life in just over a week’s time! 

Ronya and I were lucky enough to get a studio space at The Art Factory just about a week before the shoot and the space is ah-mazing and it was a perfect fit for what Jenna was envisioning for her products. Jenna had also shared with me that she was getting featured in a local newspaper and when the edition was released I found one of my photos on the FRONT PAGE of the Asbury Park Press! My photos, Jenna’s products, on the FRONT PAGE!

*insert excited squealing*

I have to say, we rocked the day of the shoot. It couldn’t have gone any better and I am so thrilled to be able to share the images with you!






Jenna Aliyah : Product Photography

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