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Ronya & Co. : Brand Photography

Have you ever met someone and through them you just can’t believe how blessed you’ve become by just their presence? I would definitely put meeting Ronya into that category! Ronya and I met through our local Tuesday Together group (and I know I say that by almost everyone I write about but it’s because our group is seriously THAT awesome!) and we hit it off right away! 

Ronya was beginning to establish Ronya & Co. and getting ready for her big launch and I was looking to get more involved in creative directed shoots and experimenting with my portfolio. Ronya first asked me to come this past February for a styled shoot that she was planning for New Jersey Bride and Groom and I over excitedly obliged. From there we started working on various projects together and even ended up renting a studio space together from The Art Factory

Ronya’s ability to be a Creative Designer and assist as a  Wedding Designer, and all around professional organizer will make her future Clients well cared for and be ensured a successful end product.

Here are some photos from a quick little brand session we threw together last minute 🙂






Ronya & Co. : Brand Photography

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