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Rustic Inspired Summer Wedding at Family Farm in New Jersey

Mike and Alyssa’s backyard wedding was the perfect blend of country and elegance. I’ve always wanted to shoot a backyard wedding and when Lauren Teresa Photography asked me to second shoot for her on one I couldn’t resist. I can’t stay away from them now!

Let me just start off by saying that Alyssa has incredible taste. Her Bridal Party was just pure perfection from head to toe. Baby’s breathe made into crowns and bouquets, the softest pastel color palette and rocking heels made all of her girls look fabulous. Alyssa herself though was incredible, her dress was made for her and it was as smooth as silk on her. When all of them were together it was what Bridal Party dreams are made of. And as beautiful as the girls looked Mike and his guys looked just as handsome. With fresh cuts, shined shoes, and straight ties they looked like a bunch of southern gentleman.

After getting ready at the same hotel each party then respectively left to head to the church where the ceremony would take place. Alyssa, walked down the aisle by her grandfather, made an entrance that no one could forget and Mike got to see his Bride for the first time, which is always a special moment in any wedding day.

Once the ceremony was over everyone piled into their trucks (it’s not a country wedding without a little tailgate riding, right?!) and headed out to Mike’s grandfather’s farm where a special clearing was made down by the pond where we could take their photos. The drive down to the clearing was amazing. The fields of hay just seemed to ebb and flow as far as the eye could see and the old barns on the property provided a sort of sentimental charm to the scene.

From the fields it was just another short drive to the house where the reception would take place. A tent was erected in the long lawn and guests enjoyed a delicious catered meal with tons of variety and danced the night away with laughter, fun, and love.

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Rustic Inspired Summer Wedding at Family Farm in New Jersey

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