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Rustic and Charming Wedding at Waterloo Village Wedding in Stanhope, New Jersey

I knew from my first meeting with Mike and Megan that I would love them. They were spunky, they were fun, and they would shoot it to you straight like a bow and arrow. And on top of all that, they were getting married at Waterloo Village in Stanhope, NJ!!! Waterloo, one of my favorite places everrrrr was a dream of mine to shoot at and these guys made it come true. UGH, I love you guys!

Calm, cool, and collected doesn’t even begin to describe. The weather was perfect, the venue was pristine and looked ah-mazing and Mike and Megan were so ready to get hitched! We started the day off wit a bang during their first look. In that moment for them you could just tell everyone and everything else just melted away for them. It was them and only them on that bridge. We went straight from their first look into some portrait time where these two self-proclaimed “awkward posers” were breathtaking. You say awkward, I say challenge accepted. 

One of the best things about Mike and Megan is their family and friends. They have one of THE BEST support systems and the energy that surrounded them on their wedding day was an assurance of that. Their Wedding Party could only confirm it even more. With their crew by their side there was no shortage of a helping hand, laughter, a good time and…a little bit of raunchiness 😉 This is what Wedding Party dreams are made of.

Their wedding ceremony took place in the Secret Garden underneath a huge tree. It was short, sweet, and officiated by a dear friend of theirs. And no sooner do Mike and Megan process out that the droplets begin to fall and the guests and wedding party head straight over to cocktail hour.

When I walked into the reception space at Waterloo Village my jaw literally dropped. It was unique, it was charming, it was homey, it was comforting, it was detail heaven. I admit, I almost snagged some of their earthenware serving plates into my purse. It was heavenly.

The reception was a blast. There was not a single lull on the dance floor and there was action bit after action bit happening. One of my favorite moments of the whole night was during Mike and Megan’s cake cutting and Megan, an independent woman who don’t need no man *finger snap*, dove right into their wedding and was chowing down for herself that she almost forgot the whole feed the Groom part. Mike waited patiently for her to finish though. Good job, Mike.

Now, if you’ve made it this far then I highly encourage you to scroll down and see their wedding photos and I can promise you, if you can make it all the way to the end, the last few images will steal your breathe away and make you want to have the time of your life 😉

Mike and Megan, words are not enough when I say THANK YOU for letting me capture and document your big day. 


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Rustic and Charming Wedding at Waterloo Village Wedding in Stanhope, New Jersey

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