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Wintery Couples Session in Downtown Lancaster City, Pennsylvania

If laughter is what keeps a marriage young and alive then Joel and Heather will forever be newlyweds. I am so glad I got to parade around some of the historical parts of Lancaster City, get to know them, hear a little more about their history, and how they’re settling into married life. I love seeing, learning, and interacting with other couples who are so strongly devoted to making marriage last, through the good and the bad, the beautiful moments, and the not so beautiful moments. When a couple is so united in this front it truly shows.

Joel, the strong quiet type, had this vulnerable and sweet quality when it came to Heather. I don’t think I have ever seen a husband hold is wife with such a strong embrace yet in the most tenderest of ways. I constantly wanted them to embrace (not that they seemed to mind!) because I just loved capturing how close he held her but with such a delicateness. And Heather…oh my, Heather! This girl is smitten with love. Those smiles and laughter you see in the photos, I can tell you none of that was forced, that is exactly how Joel makes her feel. Isn’t there a saying about laughter making the best medicine? Well, if so, Heather has all she’ll ever need!

I can’t wait to see what is in store for these two. They both have big dreams, hard work ethics, and a desire to create a life TOGETHER. It’s going to be a beautiful story as it continues to unfold.


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Wintery Couples Session in Downtown Lancaster City, Pennsylvania

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