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Backyard Surprise Gender Reveal in Millersville, Pennsylvania

I lived with Katie for almost four years during our college years. We were first hallway friends, then dorm room friends, and then moved into an apartment together. I was there when she graduated. I was there when she got married (both my husband and I were actually in the wedding as a bridesmaid and groomsman) and I was there for the start of her relationship with Justin.

Funny enough, Justin is who I actually knew first and is the one who introduced us two crazies to one another! Actually, I have a lot to thank Justin for because he also introduced me to my husband, Erik.

Fast forward the nine years since we first met, Katie and Justin are now married, home owners, and have been looking forward to starting their family for a few years now. After some moments where they had to put their entire trust in God it is such a blessing to be able to say that they are welcoming a BABY GIRL to their family this November!

Baby Girl Forry, I can’t wait to see you Earth side!

Here are a few photos from their gender reveal. I am so honored that I got to be the first one to know the gender of their baby and share in the good news and excitement with them!


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Backyard Surprise Gender Reveal in Millersville, Pennsylvania

  1. j says:

    You did a fabulous job Christina. Thanks for these wonderful pictures

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