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Sunkissed Summer Evening Couples Session at Pinnacle Overlook in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

For Colin and Cat it’s all about the love of the game. The soccer game that is. But what they didn’t know is that the love was IN the game. ON the field. With one another. And all the time spent together after that first encounter led them to the evening where the three of us joined up.

Pinnacle Overlook gives it’s onlookers one of the most scenic and majestic views of the Susquehanna River. When you’re on top of Pinnacle Overlook it’s as if the river spreads out as far as I can see. And the view is much what it was even when it was first discovered, untouched.

As soon as we pulled up for our session the sun was coming through the trees at just the right angle for some sun flare. *praise hands* I quickly learned that Colin is a man of few words and the way he makes Cat feel safe is through his embrace and the way he leads her and watches out for her. And I made sure to let him do plenty of that. Once we were done frolicking amongst the green we decided to explore a little further because within the first 15-20 minutes we hadn’t gotten more than a few feet from our cars. Our explorations led us over to a spot where the threes thinned and you could take in the view of the Susquehanna River. I knew there was more to Pinnacle than just that little clearing of trees so after a few more photos I asked Cat to change into her second dress. Once she was back we were ready for round two…and the big reveal. 

Now, I had seen photos online of this beautiful jut out of rocks but nothing prepared any of us for the intensity that you feel when standing on those rocks with nothing around you and a sharp drop behind you. Colin definitely knew how to keep his cool but Cat and I were a little rattled to say the least. I’m surprised my fingers even knew how to work my camera at that point because I was so nervous. Thankfully, some very nice hikers gave up their sunset spot so we could have the big rock to ourselves as we took some photos. Once we were done we (carefully) hop, skipped, and jumped back to stable land.

Before we finished up Cat had asked for one “cheesey” request, a photo of Colin dipping her like the infamous Sailor and Nurse from WWII. I was onboard and even made Colin add in a little twirl at the end for some extra flare.

Colin + Cat, thank. you so much for coming out and spending a beautiful sun kissed evening with me at Pinnacle Overlook. I’m not sure what was better, the killer view or the two of you?! 🙂


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Sunkissed Summer Evening Couples Session at Pinnacle Overlook in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

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