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InDust Homes AirBnB Maternity Surprise Reveal in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Lancaster County is a hub bub of activity now a days. There’s so much amazing talent in this little city. Everywhere you look there’s something new and exciting going on. One of my favorite things  about the city is the architecture and the hidden gems that you can stay at in and around Lancaster. One of those hidden gems was created by InDust Homes, a local hard working company that turns those dingy unwanted fixer uppers into beautiful, picturesque comfy abodes. And I got to photograph in this gem of a space! Say whaaaaa!

I had plans to photograph Justin + Gloria for a little love session when Gloria messaged me and said I’M PREGNANT! Unknown to her at the time we actually had to reschedule our first session plan because she wasn’t feeling well….now we know why 😉 

I was over the moon when she asked if we could add in an adorable way to make an announcement for friends and family during our rescheduled time together. Of course I was all about that!

We had such a beautiful evening creating a cozy and warm atmosphere inside InDust’s beautiful AirBnB. We played the couples favorite artist in the background which allowed them to relax, karaoke, and sway to the music. After a while we decided it would be a good time to work out the big reveal! We brainstormed some ideas and decided Scrabble would be our route. Then it came time to pick the words! As J+G shared their love of ice-cream and whipped cream we had some fun creating the announcement. 

As the bowls of ice-cream were licked clean we finished off the evening in front of the properties Lilac bush which just so happens to be one of the biggest I’ve ever seen and made for a beautiful backdrop of color and texture!


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InDust Homes AirBnB Maternity Surprise Reveal in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

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