Foggy Summer Sunrise Couples Session on Downtown Lancaster Parking Garage Rooftop in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

I’ve been looking to photographing on top of a parking garage for quite some time now. I don’t know what it is that makes it so attractive to me. Maybe it’s the open space, the simple lines? Thankfully Nate & Shelby were down for the adventure and helped make my dreams come true. I knew that if we wanted the parking garage to ourselves we’d have to opt for a sunrise session. That meant a 4:30 a.m. wake up call…not one that any normal person would look forward to but a playlist of the Lumineers and the Rend Collective helped a bit.

I met Nate & Shelby on the rooftop a little before the sunrise was set to make its appearance. Central Pennsylvania had been hammered for the past five days with rain but the previous night’s sunset was pretty spectacular so I had high hopes for the sunrise. We didn’t get those golden morning rays, a blanket of fog covered the city, but it still made for some cool looking photos so we couldn’t be upset one bit.

As we finished our time on the rooftop (with a small interruption from Taz, make sure to see his star appearance below) we moved down to the streets of the city where it was still pretty empty as folks were just starting to wake up for the weekend. 

Shelby had promised Nate some donuts as an incentive for getting up so early so we made our way over to Shady Maple in the Lancaster Central Market where we ordered some fresh baked goods and sat down to eat them together and got to know each other a little better. They told me that they had just bought their first home and are looking forward to starting the process of becoming adoptive parents to a child! 

Nate + Shelby, I know there is a great plan for the two of you and I am sure you will fulfill it in every way you’re meant to.


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