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A Bride’s worst nightmare : Rain on the Wedding Day!

What do you do when it rains on your wedding day?


Lets be honest, no one ever dreams of rain for their wedding day (even though they say rain is good luck). Most people absolutely dread the idea of it and I fully understand but I’m here to tell you that it’s not the end of your wedding photos. Wedding photos in the rain can be some of the most magical and give your photos a whole new dimension. You can’t control the whether its always best to be aware of what other viable options there are for you.

Before we move too far ahead I want you to listen to at ONE thing I tell you…

Trust your photographer

Your wedding day happens once in a lifetime. And as your wedding photographer I want to give you the BEST photos regardless of what Mother Nature intends to do.

There is no right or wrong choice of what to do if rain decides to show up on your wedding day but based off my personal experience I can tell you that the more you decide to throw caution to the wind the more you’re only limiting yourself and what can be created from the given circumstances.

The most obvious choice when it comes to rain is grabbing an umbrella.

Umbrellas are great for a couple of reasons:

  1. It’s the most common thing to grab
  2. Allows you to walk around town and channel a little Frank Sinatra from “Singing in the rain”
  3. If you use only one umbrella then it gives you the perfect reason to get cozy and cuddle up close to one another


The second best thing you can do is…

find cover. If you don’t feel like stepping outside at all then you’re best off trying to find a space that is still well lit with natural light but has cover from the outdoor elements. As a natural light photographer my first choice will always be to try and use the light that’s given to me. My flash is my last resort so if I can find a corner or a space that gives me the best of both worlds then that’s all the better!


Now, the best thing you can do (and my most favorite choice!) is to…

embrace it! Forget about the hair, the makeup, and the dress. This is your wedding day, it happens once! So celebrate it by going all out and running around getting photographed with no cares in the world. Because that’s how it should be right?!


The more you’re willing to be adventurous and spontaneous then the more your photos are going to turn out amazing. It’s in those moments that pure bliss and unbridled joy shine through and give an extra spark to your photos.


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A Bride’s worst nightmare : Rain on the Wedding Day!

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