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Stormy Beach Engagement Session in Stone Harbor, New Jersey

I’ve always loved the beach. It’s been this place of calm and beauty for me but now that I’ve stepped onto the beach from a photographer’s perspective I have a whole new love and appreciation.

And I couldn’t be more thankful for Zach + Miranda to help me realize that.

Miranda and I went to high school together. We graduated over 10 (TEN!) years ago and as things happen we lost touch over the years. But then I saw she got engaged and I just knew that I wanted to offer a session. Thankfully she took me up on the offer and we were able to coordinate a time when her and Zach would be in Stone Harbor, NJ for us to be able to do a session at the beach. During our conversation I learned that the beach is a special place for the two of them, a yearly vacation destination but also where they got engaged! In addition, Erik and I hadn’t been to the beach in three years and I’d never been to Stone Harbor before so it was perfect! The minute I heard back from Miranda and things were confirmed I booked a place for Erik and I and we were counting down the days til we could leave!

The not so perfect part was the weather. It stormed and rained, thundered and lightened, and was pretty close to miserable the entire weekend. But we got a break, this little tiny break during which we got to fit in their engagement session with some of the most dramatic clouds and rolling sky I’ve ever seen.

Zach & Miranda made this session so incredibly wonderful. There was no shortage of cuddling, laughing, or british accents during our time together. They were totally giddy and ran up and down that beach like they owned it and didn’t have a care in the world outside of the moments they were sharing together.

And that is love.


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Stormy Beach Engagement Session in Stone Harbor, New Jersey

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