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Blustery Fall Morning Couples Session at 1181 Creekside Manor in Mechanicsburg, PA

It’s really insane for me to think of how long I’ve actually known Matt + Liz. I met Liz my freshman year of college when I decided to check out a local sorority to my college. I eventually decided to pledge the same sorority that Liz was already part of. From there countless nights, events, volunteer opportunities, parties, and so forth were spent together.

Matt was a brother in one of the fraternities on campus and a good friend of Liz’s and many of the sisters in our sorority.

As time has it, two friends become more friends, which eventually leads to a walk down the aisle, an addition of fur babies, and lots of adventures. Together.

I remember Liz + Matt getting photos taken together when we were in college. There was always this running joke that they were Mom & Dad so it was only fitting. I even remember carrying around a wallet size that Liz had given me from one of their JCPenney studio shoots. So when Liz reached out to me about photographing their family photos for this year (with their two pups in tow) I was beyond thrilled and completely honored.

There must have been luck on our side because as we were trying to figure out a location for the shoot that wasn’t too far from their house (one of the pups gets car anxiety) I came across a venue that we could use. 1181 Creekside Manor was the perfect spot for us. It was practically right around the corner from their house with beautiful backdrops and a variety of looks for their session. Though it was a bit windy the colors were gorgeous and you couldn’t have asked for a much better fall photo setting.

Family sessions and just even portrait sessions in general outside of engagement sessions are something new I started this year but they have quickly become one of my favorite things. And I’m so happy that I’ve been called on to photograph so many loving families and couples! Each session is unique and different and I love seeing the different relationships and how people have grown, shaped, and live their lives together.

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Blustery Fall Morning Couples Session at 1181 Creekside Manor in Mechanicsburg, PA

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