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Whimsical Enchanted Forest Themed Wedding on Private Property in Lancaster, PA

It’s really amazing how the photography industry works. I am every so thankful for all the people I’ve met and the connections I’ve made because without those two things I would have never been part of Levi & Jordan’s big day. I was so thrilled to work alongside Christie Heimbach Photography and spend together the blustery, true fall-like day we had at the end of September.

I kicked the day off meeting Levi and his guys. I always think it’s important to give the guys just as much care and attention as the ladies, after all, it’s their big day too. Levi and I chatted it up as I photographed his getting ready and his portraits. He told me all about his training to become a police officer, how much time he’s had to spend apart from his fiancee…and how he broke some of his fingers during sparring practice the week of the wedding!!

Boys will always be boys I guess…

When I met up with Christie at the property where the wedding was being held you could just tell all the girls were just so full of happiness and it was radiating all around them. Jordan was just the sweetest and so ready to see her man!

Watching Levi & Jordan was so emotional because I knew that they had been missing each other terribly leading up to their wedding and couldn’t share a lot of the sweet and exciting moments they otherwise could have had together due to Levi’s police academy training. The two just couldn’t get enough of one another and you could just tell there was a pure joy between them. They were so unaware of the hustling and bustling surrounding them, their focus was solely on each other and the covenant they were going to make.

One of the BEST things about Levi & Jordan is they knew and understood the importance of photos. Throughout the day we had roughly TWO HOURS of portrait time for just the two of them. Having all that additional time allowed Christie and I to get creative, get a range of expressions and emotions. We were able to compose a variety of shots with an array of backdrops all around the property venue.

Folks, let me tell you something. If you want the wedding photos of your dreams then allow us the creative expression and freedom to give them to you! If you have any doubt of what I’m talking about then scroll below and take a look at some of my favorite images from Levi & Jordan’s wedding day!


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Whimsical Enchanted Forest Themed Wedding on Private Property in Lancaster, PA

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