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A warm spring engagement session in Downtown Lancaster, PA

Ethan & Carly. Carly & Ethan. These two are making my dreams come true. Their June wedding at Excelsior in Lancaster, PA can’t come soon enough. But I was just a s much looking forward to their engagement session as I am their wedding.

I met Carly and her mom last winter. We had plans to meet at a local coffee shop during a random weekday afternoon. Lo and behold that coffee shop ended up being closed for some weird holiday that I’ve never heard of before. Thankfully a donut shop was located literally right next door and just so happened to be a favorite place of Carly and her Mom’s. I really think that was what the sealed the deal to be honest. How could you say no when you get to walk home with fresh, delicious, handmade donuts?

Carly shared with me their wedding process, their goals for life after marriage, and how her and Ethan are navigating the new grounds of long distance as they each finish up their respective schooling. One thing I liked right off the bat about Carly is that she was organized. She had the full on wedding planning binder which my type-A personality obsessed over having when I was planning my own wedding.

She was organized, awesome, I love that in a Bride, but more than that, she was relaxed. Using the word ‘chill’ to describe someone sometimes feels a little lazy, but I can’t think of another word in the English language that best describes Carly more appropriately.

I got to meet Ethan on the day of the engagement session. He’s your typical guy but he absolutely ADORES Carly and it makes my heart have all the warm and fuzzies to see how he just positively dotes on her. Ladies, find yourself a man like Carly has. They’re going to be set for life.

I loved that I got to push myself out of my comfort zone away from nature for this session. I love Lancaster City and I thought it was so cool that I got to walk around, looking at everything in a new light, a photographers perspective, instead of as someone who is just walking to and from Central Market.

Ethan + Carly’s wedding is going to be magical. I can’t wait for their June wedding at Excelsior in Lancaster City!

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A warm spring engagement session in Downtown Lancaster, PA

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