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Soft and feminine studio boudoir session

True story: I was so nervous to shoot boudoir!

A few weeks ago I posted on my Instagram about how boudoir is not about sex. And it’s not. Boudoir can be sexual, yes, but it is way more than that. It’s about strength, self love, confidence, female empowerment and self empowerment!

How could I ask someone to bare themselves in front of my camera when I could barely look at my own self in the mirror at home? But the older I’ve gotten the more I’ve come to experience a sort of peace with myself. I don’t know if it’s something that is coming with age, knowing that I’m being my best, working on doing my best, or just a quiet acceptance that this is me and I need to be ok with that. As that peace started to settle over me I wanted to give it back to others. I wanted to tell them but also show them that they are so much more than what they see at home in the mirror.

They are strong. Beautiful. And they are worth celebrating.

When Sarah and I started talking I had mentioned a boudoir session to her. She jumped at the idea right away and I was all too excited to get behind the camera and use some of my creative juices.

I’ve learned that boudoir is like a dance. Almost ballet like, keeping your body light and elegantly stretched, your movements graceful and feminine.  I enjoy showing my subjects that they can use those words to describe themselves, words they probably wouldn’t use to describe themselves in their every day lives. It’s a dance I love choreographing and I love when I can see my

When a women is feeling herself, watch out world, she’s a force to behold!

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Soft and feminine studio boudoir session

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