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Surprise proposal in New York City’s Central Park

I’ll be honest. When this whole thing started I thought it was a scam. It’s not every day I get an email from Germany asking if I would be available for a trip to NYC to photograph a proposal followed by an engagement session. Once I realized that it was indeed NOT a scam I was so excited to talk to Roman and help him plan the perfect spot for the proposal and all the other different spots we could adventure to as we trekked around Manhanntan.

I had never photographed a surprise proposal before so I was super nervous to not screw it up, especially considering we would be on the busy sidewalks in New York City. Roman and I exchanged some messages the morning of, he had a cool Johnny Cash vibe going on while I looked more like Barney with green pants and a purple rain jacket. Roman had thought ahead and sent his girlfriend (soon-to-be-fiance) Elena on an errand so him and I would have a few minutes to meet up in person, finalize our plan details, and for me to blend in the crowd before she came back.

Being behind the camera is literally one of the best seats in the house to some of the coolest moments. I got to watch as Roman took Elena to the side in front of Central Park’s lake with Bow Bridge to one side of them and the New York City skyline to the back of them. It was beautiful to watch him take her hands and see her expression change and realize what exactly was happening, how their lives were changing with every word that Roman spoke to her.

Spoilers: Elena said yes.

But check the photos below to see all the tender moments!


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Surprise proposal in New York City’s Central Park

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