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Couples Session inside Dome at Asheville Glamping in Asheville, North Carolina

Asheville, North Carolina

Has been on my bucket list of places to visit for so long therefore when the opportunity arose for me to visit Asheville I jumped on the chance, even thought it meant I had to leave Erik behind (and this is why I always tell him he needs to join my business!).

There are so many attractive things about Asheville: Erik was looking forward to the food scene while I was looking forward to just having the experience of being there. Thankfully I got to enjoy a little of each for the both of us.

The Asheville area is known for its beauty due to The Blue Ridge Mountains and the parkway which just makes the area all the more jaw dropping. But there’s one hidden gem but sorta-kinda-known attraction that has made Asheville an even more desirable area to visit.

Asheville Glamping

It’s known for its appeal for those who want to have a bit of adventure with a bit of comfort still. Their vintage Airstreams, tents, and pup-up domes provide an aesthetically pleasing appeal and a little thrill of adventure and unqiueness. The property allows you to be privy to a different kind of beauty than what the mountains allow you. It’s the quiet country kind of those rolling mountains where you stay on the hilltops with views of the horizon in front of you and the cows mooing from their fields in the not so far distance. It’s the perfect place to be reminded of the beauty around us and to give thanks for what we have.

The reason for my visit…

Part of my WHY for visiting the area of Asheville was the opportunity to photograph Tony & Jayme! I got to photograph them in Asheville Glamping’s largest dome, Dome 3. With one side of the dome completely transparent to the outside you’re able to watch the sunrise each morning and as the day progresses bask in the sunlight like a kitten getting drunk off too much sun. Inside the Dome it boats a slide for its guests to use to make it down from the loft to the living room area and some very cool artwork adorning the wall behind the master bed, a nod to the mountains around us.

Tony and Jayme were an absolute joy. These two are absolutely filled with love and gratitude for not just one another but for all of God’s blessings. Being able to spend time with them on that day was privilege enough and having since friended them I am just absolutely in awe of their vigor for life, adventure, and new experiences.

For Tony and Jayme’s couple session But all of that pales in comparison to one thing. Tony’s twerking. Can you spot the photos below of his dancing shenanigans?


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Couples Session inside Dome at Asheville Glamping in Asheville, North Carolina

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  2. Girlfriend,

    I’ve been stalking your page and this session is TO DIE FOR. YOU NEED TO BE POSTING THE CRAP OUT OF THESE because the couple is so cute, and your posing is so good, and the room is so gorgeous and ahhhhh!

    Hope to shoot with you more this year <3

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