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Three places in Arizona to elope

Once you make the decision to elope you are faced with the toughest choice of all…WHERE?! In a world of so much beauty it is difficult to find a place to elope. It’s almost near impossible to choose an actual location when there are so many beautiful places to choose from! Which is why I want to share with you three places in Arizona that you can elope to that gives you breathtaking backdrops and some truly unforgettable memories.

I’ll be honest, Arizona isn’t a place I think of when I think of where I’d like to elope.  I imagine Arizona as a state with hot gross temperatures and not much else. When I do think of places to elope my mind just automatically gets drawn to Yosemite National Park in California, Acadia National Park in Maine, or the coast of the Pacific Northwest. But after visiting Arizona and having seen the beauty for myself I find it to be very underrated on the elopement radar.

None of these locations are listed in any particular order because all of them would make for an incredible place to elope in Arizona!

#1 place to elope in Arizona

Lake Powell

Lake Powell, located near Page, Arizona, has so many amazing vantage points. You can be as high in the sky as a bird with beautiful ariel views of the lake and it’s surrounding landscape or you can be on ground level with the lake itself looking up at the mountainous structures. There are a few different places you can uniquely see Lake Powell from if you access it through Glen Canyon Recreation Area. A 4×4 or all-terrain vehicle is most helpful for this adventure!

In and around Lake Powell there are many areas in which you can pull off and take photos at. No matter which direction you look there isn’t one bad piece of scenery. Which is exactly why I would include it on any list of places to elope in Arizona.

Elopement at Lake Powell in Page, Arizona as a place to elope in Arizona


#2 place to elope in Arizona

Glen Canyon Recreational Area

Consider it the big stone playground of Arizona. Glen Canyon Recreation Area allows you a days adventure by either driving or hiking depending on where you want to go and what you want to do. It brings you right to the base of some of Arizona’s most beautiful ridge lines and dwarfs you in comparison to the scenery around you. It’s a gorgeous place to visit but an even more beautiful place to elope in Arizona!

Sunset at Lake Powell in Page, Arizona during elopement

#3 place to elope in Arizona

Rock Slide State Park

Nestled within the mountainous landscape is Rock Slide State Park. Known to many locals as a place to cool off in the summer heat it’s also gorgeous for photos. There is plenty of shade coverage from trees. And you can find little pathways hiding among the brush that give you splendid views of the rocks. It’s the perfect balance of soft green nature with the hard red rock.

Couples elopement at Rock Slide State Park in Sedona, Arizona as a place to elope in Arizona

*I’m a sneaky liar, here’s one more for you to round it out to four places to elope in Arizona!*

#4 place to elope in Arizona

Oak Creek Canyon

Oak Creek Canyon’s scenic drive located in Sedona, Arizona is one of the most picturesque places I’ve ever seen. It reminded me of a little Yosemite National Park to be honest. When traveling one of my favorite things to do is pull off from the road at road stops. You get to see a lot of really beautiful scenery that way and find some really nice spots.

When traveling through Sedona, and more specifically the area of Oak Creek Canyon, you have an abundance of locations to choose from if you’re willing to go off the beaten path. There are trails you can specifically follow to get to an end destination or you can take advantage of a pull-over spot that has access to a small lookout.

The possibilities are endless and that’s part of the thrill that I love about elopements. You don’t know necessarily where you’re going to end up and you can just “roll with the punches”. Which makes it a great place to elope in Arizona!

Boho elopement at Rock Slide State Park in Sedona, Arizona as a place to elope in Arizona


There are just three of so many numerous places in Arizona where you can have your elopement. If you’d like to talk about your Arizona elopement be sure to send me an email using the contact form below!

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Three places in Arizona to elope

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