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5 vendors you should hire for your elopement day!

There’s a very common misconception that because you’re eloping you don’t need any vendors. For some reason there’s still this school of thought that an elopement means cheap, no details, and no personality. There are at least five vendors you should hire for your elopement day that can help put your style and personality into the most special day of your life!

So what five vendors should you hire for your elopement day?

1) Hair & Make-Up

Your wedding day is going to be cemented not just in your mind forever but in the photos and you’re definitely going to want to look your best. Which is why you should still totally invest in a HMU (hair and make-up artist). A HMU can definitely bring your whole vision together of how you want to look and feel on your wedding day. Give yourself the pampering and indulgence, it’s still your special day!

Looking for a great traveling makeup artist? Look no farther than Vero Leigh!

2) Florist

I fully believe that while a veil and jewelry can pull an entire Bride’s ensemble together the one accessory that really makes them feel like a bride is a bouquet. Bouquets are the perfect accessory to any wedding dress and come in handy for a couple different reasons. The first thing I always say about a bouquet is that it allows you to not worry about “Ricky Bobby hands”. You know that awkward moment when your hands are down at your side and you’re not quite sure what to do with them in a picture? If you have a bouquet all you need to do is wrap your hands around that bundle of stems and you’re good to go! I also love bouquets for the dimension that they help give to a photo and they’re another way for you to incorporate some of your style and personality.

But a florist can do more than just a bouquet for you. You can incorporate a boutineer if you’d like, maybe a flower crown, or an alternative to the traditional bouquet and put a modern twist on it with a flower hoop.

And don’t worry dude, I got you when it comes to all those amazing recommendations šŸ˜‰

3) Photographer & Videographer

I mean, do I really need to explain this one šŸ˜‰ Or explain why you should hire me šŸ˜‰

The photos and video from your elopement day are so important. And I’m not just trying to be biased when saying that because I’m a photographer myself. Naturally, as time goes on, our memory tends to forget details and our memories to start to dim and fade. But having photographic evidence and a moving cinema of your day helps spark those memories and kicks start you into remembering moments you may have otherwise forgotten. These photos also create a legacy for you that your future generations of family can look back on.

I can bring the photography and look no farther than Le Moment Capturer for the incredible cinematic storytelling aspect of your day!

4) Pastry Chef/Cake Designer or Caterer

One of the best parts about traveling is all the new and delicious places you can get food from. Your elopement day is no different and you can do a variety of delectable choices depending on what your taste buds want. I’m a big fan of sweets so having a Pastry Chef or Cake Designer make up some edible delights for you and your partner to enjoy would hit that perfect sweet spot. You could pick up the items the day before or early on your elopement day so you can take the treats with you in a cute little picnic basket. You can also look into a local caterer or cute little restaurant so that after your exciting adventures and epic photo taking you can kick back and celebrate with your partner and maybe even some of the close family and friends that attended with you over a really superb meal.


Now, some people might argue about whether this fifth recommendation would be considered a “vendor” but I by all means believe they are because they are just as much as an important part of making your elopement day dreams come true as the previous four vendors we talked about!


5) Dress / Suit

You’ve had your eye on that ONE dress for years. But it was always outside of the scope of your budget when it came to terms to your larger traditional wedding. But since you decided to elope that dress slid right into the range of your budget…so why would you not buy it? Bride’s don’t wear or choose their wedding dress for the benefit and pleasure of their guests. Bride’s choose their wedding dress so that they can feel great and confident about themselves on one of the most special days of their lives. Your elopement deserves the same glitz, glam, and feel-good feelings.

Girl, get down with yo bad self and get that dress!

Now, for the guys. It’s not often that you get to totally suave it out. Here’s your chance to get dapper. The really awesome thing about an elopement, it gives you a little more fashion freedom. Instead of choosing the classic options of a suit or tux you can get more creative and look for suits with printed patterns (florals, plaids, pinstripes), maybe choose that velvet jacket you’ve been eyeing up. Look into some color options as well (hello, green, magenta…dare I even suggest mustard yellow?) or ditch the whole suit idea in general and go with a more laid back feel of suspenders, vests, or even some cuffed pants.

I always find visuals to be helpful so I put together a little Groom inspired fashion board on my Pinterest. To check it out just click HERE!


Your elopement day is no less than your neighbor’s wedding day. So you shouldn’t skimp on the details or making sure that it’s a reflection of the two of you. Hire the professionals that can use their experience and expertise to help you bring it all together and create the perfect day of your dreams. There is so much more you can do with your special day but these five vendors you should hire for your elopement day is the perfect place to start!



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5 vendors you should hire for your elopement day!

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