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White Cliffs of Conoy Adventure Couples Session

Christian + Janelle’s adventure session at the White Cliffs of Conoy was the perfect backdrop for their six year wedding anniversary! Having never visited the White Cliffs before it really was an adventure as we made our way from the parking lot to our destination, explored the various levels and terrain the Cliffs have to offer, and took in the amazing view of the Susquehanna River.

Their unique style and bold color choices really popped against the white minimalist backdrop that the White Cliffs are known for.

We basically had the entire area to ourselves as we utilized the rocky terrain and waited for that perfect sunset glow. We slid our way down to the bottom of the cliffs to grab some really epic shots to show how massive the White Cliffs are and bounced around parkour style at the top exploring all the crevices and nooks made by years of rain and water channels.

Just when I thought we weren’t going to have that strong golden light the sun showed up and showed off.

It was perfect timing. Just when we thought the clouds were going to keep the sun covered it peeked out at the most perfectly timed moment on the horizon and gave us one of the most beautiful glows I’ve had at a photo session. Ever.

Christian + Janelle were such a joy. The life they live together, the dreams they create together, the home they’re making together…the closeness its created between them is evident in their chemistry. The way Christian can make Janelle laugh and crinkle her nose, the way Janelle’s preciousness makes Christian just want to hold on her tight, I couldn’t click my shutter fast enough. Christian rocked his Johnny Cash look like a champ and Janelle’s  70’s vibe was too cool for school. After a quick outfit change on Janelle’s part we grabbed a few more photos with just enough time for Christian + Janelle to cuddle up and watch the sunset together.



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White Cliffs of Conoy Adventure Couples Session

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