Hey Dudes, I'm Christina!

Don't ever expect me to look as put together in person as I do in the photo to the left ;)

I can sit here and tell you that I love coffee, I love to travel, and Target is like my second home. All truth, to a small extent, but also very basic of me. 

The real me is a quirky, kinda scatter-brained gal who gets way too excited about the most random of things. I love surprise flowers (tulips specifically) and whose Instagram stories are primarily posted while sitting on a toilet.

Also, I'm obsessed with my dog.
His name is Taz,  yes he's a Pitbull, no he's not a terror, instead he'll lick you to death, and his favorite place to be is cuddled on the couch.

And I love naps!

The girl who...

Can't make up her mind about what to write 

Just like any other average person I have a variety of guilty pleasures such as the topping bar at my favorite frozen yogurt place, too many rewatches of Outlander and Game of Thrones, campfire smores, and all the things you shouldn't have to live one of those "healthy and balanced" lifestyles. Come on, like who even does that? 

I post way too many memes to my Instagram stories and have a serious obsession with the Royal Family and the history of the Romanov Dynasty. And I'll always be down for a rewatch of the Lord of the Rings trilogy or the Harry Potter series.

Some extra tidbits

Rambling thoughts on things I like & don't like

I'm a huge fan of Shoprite's tangy taylor ham. Uniqlo clothing store. MEXICAN FOOD. Prime rib. Day planners. New pens. Reading. Afternoon tea. Sweet Loren's cookies. My husband. Seat warmers.  

You can find me running far away from SNAKES. I dislike mustard. Icy sidewalks.  Jacket vests (how do they even function??). Cool whip. Humidity. The chore of dusting. Grape jelly. Duck lips. Feet. Spiders.   

If I forget your name I'll probably resort to calling you Gary. Everyone loves a Gary. I'm super awkward with small talk, I'll apologize for that in advance. No one ever believes me but I am an introvert. Also, I'd rather sleep in than wake up early enough to do my hair or put makeup on. 

And I can't stand messy counters!

The why behind what I do

It's simple.
Because I love it.

the CJP Experience