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I post way too many memes to my Instagram stories and have a serious obsession with the Royal Family and the history of the Romanov Dynasty. I'll always be down for a rewatch of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, and Outlander. As of the recently you can also add Netflix's Bridgerton to that list!

Hey y'all, I'm Christina or CJ! I'm always craving tacos, double stuff Oreos, and a warm gooey chocolate mug cake.
I'm an enneagram 4, 5, or 6, an INFJ, and people watching is one of my favorite past times. Put me in a crowd and give me a bag of popcorn and I'm set.
I grew up spending my summers traveling in an Airstream all across the U.S. and I own a lot of mustard yellow clothing.


nap a day to ensure i don't go crazy


states i've photographed weddings in


cups of coffee a day to ensure i'm a functioning human



My bag boy, pack mule, and all around whatever I need guy!

Erik and I met our freshman year of college but didn't start dating until five years later. And now after five years of marriage being best friends is the foundation of our relationship. He's a technology education teacher by day and a kick-ass Dad by night. He's constantly working on home improvement projects and is an absolute rockstar.


Taz & Jax - the fearless protectors

Tax & Jax are our two four-legged children who think they're nothing more than two big human babies. Always down for a good cuddle these two are absolute gems. We rescued Taz in October of 2017 and in February of 2021 we added Jax to our family! They do make special appearances at engagement sessions and have even been invited (and attended!) weddings!


Walter Louis

Meet the tiny human that Erik and I made! Wally was born August 2020. His Pops is his favorite person when he's in the room, Mamma is still his favorite cuddle buddy, and he lights up like a lightbulb anytime he sees his four-legged brothers walk into eyesight. He loves swings and bouncing, is a crawling machine, and dislikes green beans.
He's our bright spot and our absolute JOY!

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