These mentor sessions are perfect to help you work though the mind blocks and examine what it is that you could be doing better. It's easy to look at all the things going wrong in our business, to see the mountain of issues before you. But a mentor session is perfect for working through the obstacles and finding yourself at the summit of that mountain of problems!

Would you rather someone who has a broad general idea of a little bit of everything who can't actually dive deep into the material with you OR would you like to learn from someone who has a focus on a specific topic, a topic in which you are struggling, and is able to give you layers of knowledge which can be applied directly to your business struggles?
I've chosen to only offer two mentor sessions so I can better serve you, have more specifically driven information to share with you, and be able to have you walk away from our time together with the information, advice, and materials you need to feel confident and ready to tackle what lies ahead!



Do you find yourself struggling with effectively communicating with your clients?

Do you find yourself unable to translate inquiries to bookings?

Are you having a hard time connecting with your subjects during a photoshoot?

Are your client relationships not personal enough?

Mentorships are a great way to kickstart or refine different skills that you have, or need to have, in order to be a more proactive and efficient business owner. 
An in-person mentor session allows you:

Focused one-on-one time

Ability to ask questions and get answers right away

Examine what is not working for you and how to create solutions based off of your problems

Actionable Templates Mentor Session

Feeling like your client communication is lacking?
Do you think words and meaning are being lost over the wide expanse of the internet as you relay back and forth with potential clients? 

During this meeting I’ll sit down with you and explain why templated emails are not less personal but more efficient. We'll also review: 

The importance of response time and the how/why of the methods I use to respond.

The importance of having a clear and defined copy voice and the importance of its consistency across all platforms.

How you can effectively use templates to guide your potential client through the process of inquiry to booking.

You’ll also receive exclusive access to all 24 of my templates and we'll sit down I will help you as set them up in your Honeybook or other Client Management System that you use!


estimated two hours

Shutter Click to Published Blogpost Mentor Session

You’ll bring your camera and shoot alongside me as I explain and walk through the prompts, not poses, to help you create an organic reaction and capture genuine emotion between your subjects. Then, get some hands on action as you take the reins and create the magic yourself.
After the shoot I’ll walk you through my step-by-step process of what I do with the photos once the session is done and how to curate a gallery that is truly expressive and emotive.

I’ll share with you: 

How to introduce your clients to being in front of a camera. 

How to relay expectations before the session and during the course of the session. 

How to follow up ensuring that they've had a great experience with you from start to

Methods of organization for your files before you even start importing.

The process of culling and creating an emotive gallery a client will love.

Creating a system of tagging, starring, and rating to cut down time spent in your workflow.

The apps you can use to create blog posts and enhance your SEO presence. 

investment - $500

estimated three hours

You'll also get access to all the programs I use from start to finish in my workflow that will lead you from your unedited images to your published blog post!

A step-by-step 'How To' process

Ready to summit that mountain and overcome your obstacles?
Send me a message now and lets do it!

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