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Elopements & Destination Weddings begin at $3,200

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Portraits begin at $400


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All collections include:
-print rights
-online digital gallery

This applies for family sessions, boudoir, engagement sessions, etc.



Do I travel?
I do! Traveling does include separate pricing so be sure to let me know. In addition, I always make sure to arrive a day or two before the big event to give buffering time for flight delays and cancellations.

Do you have insurance?
Absolutely. My insurance is for up to one million dollars of liability so you can rest assured that I can make my way onto any venue property and be safely covered should anything happen. If your venue needs proof of my insurance it will be sent to them 30 days prior to your wedding.

Can I have my RAW files?
Are you going to pay me $5,000? Kidding...but seriously, my answer is 'NO'. Trust me when I say you're not going to want to see the outtakes. You're not going to want the photos of your eyes half closed, of your mouth gaping wide while in the middle of a sentence. Trust my eye, my expertise, and trust me that I'm going to give you the creme de la creme of your photos.

How many photos can I expect to receive?
If you have a wedding with more details, bridal details, groom details, decor, all those little things, the more photos you'll have. If you don't have those things then there's obviously not going to be that number of photos given. The length of your wedding coverage will also affect the final delivery amount. You're not going to have the same number of photos for a six hour wedding as you do a nine.

What if you can't make it to our wedding?
Only an Act of God could keep me from your wedding but should that happen I have a fantastic network of photographers who would be able to take over for the day. I would still edit your photos but the person I'd send in my place is someone I trust 117% to capture all the details and moments.

What if my partner doesn't like photos or we're both awkward in front of the camera?
Tell them to suck it up! Don't actually say that...but this is the beauty of how I photograph. Through my prompts you won't be standing still long enough to think about how much you hate getting your photo taken. You'll be moving so much, laughing, and enjoying one another that I will be able to capture all of those natural movements, expressions, and unique personality the two of you share.

What if you've never shot at our venue before?
Why would you want a photographer who shoots at your venue every other weekend and uses the same locations and poses for couple after couple? If I've never shot at your venue before then that means I can come at it with a fresh pair of eyes and have a unique perspective to make your gallery identifiable as your own. 

How do I receive my photos?
All photos are delivered via an online gallery that you can download them from for FREE!

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