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It’s a pretty amazing thing to see friends, friends you have known for TEN years hit milestones in their lives. I met Justin and Katie while a freshman in college, even before their love story was even a thing. Then I watched them start to explore the waters of dating followed by engagement and then […]

Snowy Day In-Home Newborn Lifestyle Photo Session in Lancaster, PA

I’ve always just been a wedding kind of gal. And I was ok with that. But as of the past few months I felt like I was missing out on not photographing other parts of life. I had been rolling it around in my head for a while that I wanted to open up the […]

Candid Summer Evening Family Session at Middle Creek Wildlife Preservation, Lancaster PA

To say I was excited to get an email about photographing Becky and Chris would be an understatement. I was sold when Becky told me that they had bought and refurbished a vintage camper to get ready for a 10 week trek across the good ‘ol U-S-of-A. It brought back some serious nostalgia when I […]

USA Road Trip Send Off with Vintage Camper Couples Session in Baltimore, Maryland

Have you ever met someone and through them you just can’t believe how blessed you’ve become by just their presence? I would definitely put meeting Ronya into that category! Ronya and I met through our local Tuesday Together group (and I know I say that by almost everyone I write about but it’s because our […]

Ronya & Co. : Brand Photography

It should be easy enough for me to shout it aloud because if you know me you know how happy this would make my heart but as I sit here in front of my computer actually having to type out and say it to someone that’s not Erik…well, it’s starting to hit me what our decision […]

On the road again…

I love meeting other Creatives. I love getting to know them and their processes and learn about why they love what they do. By happen chance I found myself falling into Brand & Product Photography and when I saw a post in my local Tuesday Together’s group about another member looking for some photos of […]

Jenna Aliyah : Product Photography

I have been dreaming of blustery and windy shoot and it finally came to life thanks to Katie and Jeremy! We didn’t plan for it to happen this way but the week dealt us 20 to 40 miles per hour winds so we rolled with it. Katie and Jeremy first met at Millersville University where […]

Windy and Wintery Couples Session at Chickies Rock County Park in Columbia, Pennsylvania

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