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Miles + Lea embody what I love so much about my couples. There is nothing they need more than one another. I love that they brought this simple, laid back style to their session because whether or not they realized it then, it allowed their interaction, their reactions, to really be the center highlight. As […]

A laid back engagement session trek around Greenwich Village & West Village in New York City, New York

When I first moved to NJ it wasn’t easy. To be honest, it was down right hard. I left my family, my friends, and everything familiar to me. I was thrust into a new home, a new city, a new job, and I felt like the biggest fish out of water coming from a small […]

Rising Tide Society: Tuesday Together Styled Shoot

They say that the first year of marriage is one, if not the, most difficult years you will have. Well, if that’s the case then Erik and I will have a breeze for the next 50+ years because our first year was like smooth sailing. Life with your best friend is pretty much the raddest […]

Our Favorite One Year Moments

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