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It’s a pretty amazing thing to see friends, friends you have known for TEN years hit milestones in their lives. I met Justin and Katie while a freshman in college, even before their love story was even a thing. Then I watched them start to explore the waters of dating followed by engagement and then […]

Snowy Day In-Home Newborn Lifestyle Photo Session in Lancaster, PA

There are many tools that I use which helps me run my business efficiently. And I could do a whole blog post on what those are but there are two tools specifically that really changed my business for the better. The two things that seem to take up a lot of time in my business […]

The two best tools for improving effectiveness in your photography business!

Have you ever met someone and through them you just can’t believe how blessed you’ve become by just their presence? I would definitely put meeting Ronya into that category! Ronya and I met through our local Tuesday Together group (and I know I say that by almost everyone I write about but it’s because our […]

Ronya & Co. : Brand Photography

I love meeting other Creatives. I love getting to know them and their processes and learn about why they love what they do. By happen chance I found myself falling into Brand & Product Photography and when I saw a post in my local Tuesday Together’s group about another member looking for some photos of […]

Jenna Aliyah : Product Photography

I need to start off by saying THANK YOU to Ashley Gerrity Photography for allowing me to accompany her as a second shooter on such a wonderful occasion. I was so honored to have been able to work under her. Emily and Sean were adorable and so fantastic to work for. Their love story has […]

Sean + Emily : Meadowlands Country Club, Norristown PA

As the weather starts to turn to the fresh crispness of Fall I find myself outdoors more and more. It’s a comfort to get outside and breathe in the clean air and take long walks. I kept hearing the name of this Waterloo Village and all I kept imagining was a big watering hole in […]

Waterloo Village : Stanhope, NJ

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