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Candid piggyback rides during couples adventure session at White Cliffs of Conoy

Christian + Janelle’s adventure session at the White Cliffs of Conoy was the perfect backdrop for their six year wedding anniversary! Having never visited the White Cliffs before it really was an adventure as we made our way from the parking lot to our destination, explored the various levels and terrain the Cliffs have to […]

White Cliffs of Conoy Adventure Couples Session

Asheville, North Carolina Has been on my bucket list of places to visit for so long therefore when the opportunity arose for me to visit Asheville I jumped on the chance, even thought it meant I had to leave Erik behind (and this is why I always tell him he needs to join my business!). […]

Couples Session inside Dome at Asheville Glamping in Asheville, North Carolina

Body curve enhancing boudoir pose during boudoir session in downtown York studio

True story: I was so nervous to shoot boudoir! A few weeks ago I posted on my Instagram about how boudoir is not about sex. And it’s not. Boudoir can be sexual, yes, but it is way more than that. It’s about strength, self love, confidence, female empowerment and self empowerment! How could I ask […]

Soft and feminine studio boudoir session

Ethan & Carly. Carly & Ethan. These two are making my dreams come true. Their June wedding at Excelsior in Lancaster, PA can’t come soon enough. But I was just a s much looking forward to their engagement session as I am their wedding. I met Carly and her mom last winter. We had plans […]

A warm spring engagement session in Downtown Lancaster, PA

It’s really insane for me to think of how long I’ve actually known Matt + Liz. I met Liz my freshman year of college when I decided to check out a local sorority to my college. I eventually decided to pledge the same sorority that Liz was already part of. From there countless nights, events, […]

Blustery Fall Morning Couples Session at 1181 Creekside Manor in Mechanicsburg, PA

Ruth reached out to me with only about two weeks leading up to her wedding. She explained they were having a very small, very simple wedding and would I be interested in photographing it? Of course, my answer was yes! I drove three hours one way to Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania. A remote little area that most […]

Intimately Personal Wedding Portraits at off-road water cascade, Tunkhannock Pennsylvania

What do you do when it rains on your wedding day? YOU ROLL WITH IT! Lets be honest, no one ever dreams of rain for their wedding day (even though they say rain is good luck). Most people absolutely dread the idea of it and I fully understand but I’m here to tell you that […]

A Bride’s worst nightmare : Rain on the Wedding Day!

This engagement session had me squealing like a little piglet the entire time because these two are just SO.DARN.CUTE! I first met Amber over four years ago (wow, how time flies!) as a regular Zumba student during the classes I taught while a student myself Millersville University. It was an extremely rare case that Amber […]

Fall Time Couples Session in Millersville, Pennsylvania

As the weather starts to turn to the fresh crispness of Fall I find myself outdoors more and more. It’s a comfort to get outside and breathe in the clean air and take long walks. I kept hearing the name of this Waterloo Village and all I kept imagining was a big watering hole in […]

Waterloo Village : Stanhope, NJ

I have been blessed to have been around this little girl since her birth. It’s amazing to see how life grows and changes in the form of a child. It reminds you to take care of time because of how precious it is and how each moment is fleeting in and of itself. Mikayla is […]

Mikayla : Lancaster, PA

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