Imagine this:

>Your wedding day is truly about you and your partner without being a spectacle to an audience

>Your vows are spoken to the person who knows you most intimately

>You're able to enjoy your day the way that you want without other people's opinions and judgements overriding your own

Ditch the stress and elope!

How do I know this is what's right for me?

Did you know the average wedding costs upwards of $30,000

Let that sink in for one moment...

Do you want to know how many times I've heard couples say (ON THEIR WEDDING DAY!):

"I just want this all to be over"

"I'm stressing out"

"It was beautiful BUT...."

Or what couples say after the wedding:

"We wish we had done it all different"

Is that really what you want your wedding to be? Something you wish you had done differently?

And an additional 29% of couples hire a wedding planner because of all the overwhelming details and stress.

Wedding regret is a real thing you can have. I'd know...I have it.

Was our wedding fun? YES. Did we enjoy our wedding day? YES. Did our wedding have all the pretty details? YES.

Was it a true representation of us? NO. 

So what exactly IS an elopement?

I'm glad you asked!

For starters, it ain't what your grandparents think it is

At its core an elopement is a focus on the two individuals on who the day is about.

It's a stripping away of all the "extras" from a wedding and in its place is a meaningful, touching, and thoughtful string of events that allow you to celebrate your relationship and this momentous choice of stepping into the future as a fully committed and loving partnership.

The backdrop for this can vary. It can be a courthouse with a romp around your favorite city...Urban Elopements are just as much a thing as Adventure Elopements. Or it can be the two of you jetting off to your favorite bucket list destination!

Eloping isn't a disappointment, it's not a quick escape, and it doesn't mean...wait for it...*gasp*'re pregnant!

Is it acceptable to throat punch anyone who still thinks like that anyways?

Eloping can be the best time of your life as you take a step into your best years of life together as a couple. There is magic, a freeing feeling, a lifting of traditional expectations should you choose to embrace what it is you really want.

Still got questions? That's what I'm here for!

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